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    The new feature of the iPod Touch 4G is its built-in dual cameras (front/back). This has been the most requested feature since the 2nd-generation and many were hoping that the 3rd-gen upgrade would bring. The front-camera can record high definition videos (720p HD at 30fps) but pretty crappy at taking still shots.

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    SEO is a practice which is employed by many internet marketers to get advanced position in the search engines like Google and Yahoo. Search engine optimization is a sole thing for the people who have not listened to of it previously but those who entail this method for a substantial amount of time; it is somewhat really accommodating and unusual at the same time.

Pros & cons of online dating exposed

Date Added: March 24, 2012 02:02:21 PM
Author: admin
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Many people who are sick of going to bars and visiting other gatherings just to find a date move towards online dating. There are several online dating websites you can use for doing this. There are a few pros and cons associated with online dating with the safety factor being the very first concern. Talking about the safety factor; you should always communicate over email and phone a few times before you actually agree on meeting your online date and that too in a public place. This way you will have an idea about what the person is like. Before meeting your date in alone; make sure you have met him or her a few times in public places. You will find out if the person is worth meeting somewhere alone or not.


When you go for online dating; you never know what the person looks like currently; several people do not have their current pictures as profile pictures. You might end up meeting someone who looked 20 years old in the picture but actually looks like 30 in real. Therefore, this is a disadvantage of online dating; you can never be sure of the person’s appearance.


There are several liars using online dating services as well. Many people show themselves as single when they are actually married and would simply play with you. The problem is that you can never find this out either. Maybe you fall in love with the person who you met through online dating but after two years you find out that he or she is married; a broken heart you get.


There are benefits of online dating as well. At any time you can talk to anyone. It does matter whether you get up early or do not sleep over nights; there are people online at all times to talk to. You can join a chat room and start talking; it is like you are shopping for a date. At online dating sites you can specifically search for the type of date you are looking for such as smokers, BBW, slim, or whatever you like. You can find a perfect match for yourself. Also, you can easily get to know someone before meeting them. First you interact on the website then on email then on the phone and finally when you meet your date, you already know the person a lot.