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Arthritis Symptoms - Most Significant Ones

Date Added: March 20, 2012 12:29:15 PM
Author: admin
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When we hear the word Arthritis, we immediately get these two words in our mind – aches and pains. Clearly enough, arthritis is a disorder associated with the joints which causes extreme discomfort due to inflammation and feeling of pain in one or more joints. Arthritis also has a lot of kinds and it is important that you know what kind you have so treatment can be done accordingly. This disease is also known as autoimmune disorder and it is also believed that arthritis occurs due to damage in tissues and organs. It has been discovered that around 100 different types of arthritis exists and the widely known kind of arthritis is osteoarthritis.


Arthritis has been reported to cause a number of other health problems which includes physical disability, obesity, high cholesterol level, and increased chances of getting heart diseases. People who have arthritis are more prone to get depression which can have bad psychological effects. The sooner the treatment starts, the better it is.


There are many signs and symptoms of arthritis, some of them are as follows:




1.  If you have joint pain that is persistent and keeps on recurring. The pain can occur in ankles, back, bone, elbows, finger pains, foot pain, hip, jaws, knee, leg, muscle pain, nerve pain, and also pain in ribcage, spine, shoulder, thumb toes and wrist.

2.  If you feel that a pain is ignited in case you make necessary movements like when you get up, walk, write, type, hold an object, throw something or turn in a key. If you feel pain by following such routine activities, then you might have chances of acquiring this disease.

3.  Joint pain is another example of arthritis and any kind of swelling, redness or stiffening of joint is an indicator of this disease.

4.  If you feel your grip to some object is not holding well, or there is little or no flexibility when you move you bone or joint then you might have developed symptoms for arthritis.

5.  If there has been a recent weight loss for no reason, along with any of the above symptom.

6.  Feeling of tiredness, low energy and feeling weary all the time.

7.  If you have a fever without any reason, it might be due to arthritis.

8.  If your x-ray or bone test indicates.